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Painting & Decorating in Romsey

Living in the market town of Romsey is a delight and maintaining your home to a high standard is of high priority to many Romsey home owners.

If you are looking to refurbish your home or a room within then please feel free to get us in to provide a free quote for all your painting and decorating needs.

We have helped many other Romsey house owners realise the true potential of their property and previous work includes barn conversions amongst other general painting and decorating jobs.

We will happily provide you customer details if you want to call and get a reference to the quality of our recent painting and decorating work in the Romsey area.

Choosing the right company to complete your home improvements is crucial and we have a catolugue of happy customers in Romsey who will vouch for us and our work - We don't need to explain our quality painting and decorating when our previous customers do it for us!


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We regularly advertise our services in local publications and if you've spotted the below advert then that is where you know us from!

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Our motto and the reason we ensure every single painting/decorating job however big or small is completed to the Austen Decorators Standard

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Who are Austen Decorators?

Austen Decorators are a Painting & Decorating contractor based in Southampton, Hampshire. They pride themselves in providing a Professional Painting & Decorating service for private, industrial & commercial painting and decorating contracts.

They happily cover the whole of the South Coast Region and can be contacted for a competitive FREE NO OBLIGATION quote at any time you need a professional painter or decorator or team of contractors…

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Professional Painters & Decorators

Professional Painting & Decorating is an art and a skill.

A professional finish can only be achieved every time if the same perfect preparation and specific attention to detail is followed by highly skilled professional painters/tradesmen on every single painting and decorating job.

Ensuring the correct and sole use of the very best, market leading innovated materials and paints is just one part of the Austen Decorators process that enables us to provide the perfect finished Quality EVERY JOB!